A Magical Evening!

03 Oct 2012

Tonight I have been catching up with old friends in my hotel bar and was wowed by the energy and attitude of our team.

I thrive on the positive customer care skills and definitely believe in “creating magic” for guests and employees. And I have to admit that it's gratifying on so many levels, from the immediate responses plus the hotel's ongoing success!

One of the primary reasons I joined Media One Hotel was the freedom to adopt an “out-of-the-box”philosophy toward how one approaches hotel operations — from improving financial results to changing a hotel's culture and employee motivation, two things that are often interrelated.

Tonight I saw some of the results from the team's ‘buy in' to this philosophy as they were thinking‘out of the box' and ‘creating magic'!

The bright friendly smiles from the team at the entrance...including security...made a warm, lively welcome for all.

The bartenders putting on a show with cocktails and confidence plus the occasional quick dance to the great classic tunes from our DJ in the corner. They added the vibrancy and life to the evening and of course the male trio were also chatting to all the beautiful girls who were there for our Ladies Night called B:LUSH. The male guests in the bar were also happy as it was full of beautiful girls and our female team made them feel welcome too.

The hotel's database is another of my pet projects and I am always pressing home the point of increasing our numbers in order to market to the right people. Well this was another plus point tonight as the guys were out there getting the entry slips completed without being prompted and our hostesses were selecting the girls to get their details ready for our new venue on the horizon – THE DEK on 8.

It has been a big challenge to win over the trust of the employees in order to build morale,productivity and service standards. Tonight I saw it all coming together.

So if you were in Z:ONE bar this evening at Media One, you most probably had a good night with the buzz; but I had a great night as I saw the team were really creating magic! Everyone was a winner!

A Magical Evening!
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