M12GO smoothies

available daily

Enjoy one of our 3 smoothies in a daily rotation at M12GO from 'Get your Greens' smoothies with spinach, coconut water, yogurt, cucumber and kale to 'Chrunchtastic' smoothie with apple juice, granola, honey, banana and yogurt'

AED 19 each..

HOW to book:

M12GO smoothiesM12GO smoothiesM12GO smoothiesM12GO smoothiesM12GO smoothiesM12GO smoothies

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Parking / Coffee / Croissant

Free parking for whole day, coffee & croissant

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M12GO lunch
every weekday
from 12noon - 3pm

quick lunch 2 GO!

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M12GO smoothies
available daily

Get your daily boost of vitamins and minerals

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Dining & Nightlife
At Media One Hotel
Close pop out
Save 15%
Exclusive to bookings made through our official website
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